We need your help to create positive change.

While many organizations provide traditional poverty alleviation programs, such as food aid, health missions/outreaches, and other welfare packages, our approach is different. We believe strongly that empowering people and building their capacity to generate income is a more sustainable approach to poverty reduction and economic development. Therefore, we primarily provide small non-repayable capital for small businesses and startups with the flexibility and security for individuals to grow their businesses. We target to reach as many families as our budget will allow. Below are some of the programs our foundation currently undertakes. The first three are programs in the US, and the last six are programs in Nigeria.


  • We support existing nonprofit organizations in the US through volunteering manpower hours at health events and other community health promotion events.
  • We provide opioid overdose education, health screens, and health fairs in inner-city Baltimore.
  • We support various projects offered by other nonprofits in Baltimore City that are geared towards improved access to health screenings, reduced disease burden from diabetes and other chronic illnesses, infectious diseases including HIV and Hepatitis C, and substance use disorder.


  • We support many individuals in Nigeria with grants for startups and small businesses like welding, trading, agriculture, craftsmanship, tailoring, baking, automobile/ motorcycle repairs, and other small local businesses.
  • We support many local hospitals, health institutions, and local health providers in Nigeria by providing them with the newer diagnostic tools they need to better manage their patients.
  • We work with many local schools in Nigeria to identify areas of need and work to fill those needs, including the large-scale purchase of books, computers, desks, and chairs from local distributors in the communities we serve.
  • We support many individuals in agriculture-based industries. We support local farmers to start and expand agro-based businesses, purchase fertilizers on a large-scale and grants to purchase seeds, farm animals, and poultry.
  • We work with many local communities in Nigeria to identify and support projects that will make the most impact on the local population.
  • We cover 100% of the tuition cost for many individuals in Nigeria who choose the path of vocational education.
Thank you for your financial support.

Dr. Obinna Obiejemba