Send a Check

To give by check in U.S. dollars, please make your check out to “CAN Obiejemba Foundation Inc.” and then mail it to us at:

CAN Obiejemba Family Foundation
8115 Maple Lawn Blvd., Suite 350
Fulton, MD 20759

To wire your gift through a bank transfer in U.S. dollars, contact We will provide the information you need to give your bank or financial institution to complete the donation.

Donation in other currencies other than U.S. dollars

To donate online in currencies other than U.S. dollars, click the PayPal tab on our donate page. Then select your currency and donation amount and complete your donation securely through PayPal. You can also contact us directly at or write us for information on how to send us money in other currencies.


Rally your friends and family for CANOFF. More information on starting a fundraiser is available on our GoFundMe page.

Donate Stock

CANOFF gratefully accepts gifts in the form of stocks/appreciated securities. Please consult with your financial planner to determine the best option and contact for more information.

Corporate Sponsorship

With support from our partners, we empower families from some of the poorest communities in Nigeria and the US to have the resources they need to help them live healthier lives, where they are given the education and training opportunities to support themselves and their loved ones. Learn more about partnering with CANOFF by emailing

Corporate or Employer Gift Match

Many corporations match employee donations to many nonprofits. It’s an easy way to double your contribution for CANOFF.

Donate Books, School Supplies, Computers, and Medical Equipment

While this is the least preferred option due to the cost of the shipment and negative impact on local businesses in the communities we serve, you can still donate items, such as schoolbooks, school supplies, computers, medical equipment, and more to CANOFF. Contact us at for more information.